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A LOGO has become a very common yet the most impactful thing over the past few years, but still, not many people know its actual worth and capabilities of transforming a business. A logo is nothing but a ‘name’ written in a dramatic manner. It is basically an art of representing a brand/company in a distinctive way by using a handful of logo design service elements, such as shapes, patterns, colors and fonts.

Logo Design Service is not everybody’s cup of tea and requires a specific skill set. It is a great responsibility which is best left to the experts having the right balance of creativity and vision to achieve the target of providing the client with brand recognition and commercial success. At Wizzio Designs we offer our clients with logo design services of utmost quality at a very affordable price. Wizzio Designs is a premium logo designing company in Ahmedabad, India catering to clients all over the globe. At Wizzio Designs, we offer professional logo design services sketched by highly creative minds with years of expertise, giving a business its own unique identity in the market.


Here the Corporate Logo represents the company in a simple but bold manner. In most cases, the image is abstract and stylized to give visual interest. Most companies that use this type of logo will have a very simple main logo, but we can help you to design additional alternative versions that appear a little flashier. It’s best to use a simple symbol or icon if you plan on building a large business. You probably recognize symbol logos like Mercedes-Benz, Apple, Shell.
Here a symbol representing the company through the use of its initials or the brands first letter are used. Many companies choose to use this type of logo because their initials can better graphically illustrate the company better than the full name (name is too long), the name is hard to pronounce, or it’s just not distinct enough to carry its own weight. Some companies and organizations that use letter marks include Chanel General Electric and Hp.
Here the logo will combine a word mark and a symbol or icon to give the flexibility for the use of either or both elements across a variety of applications. A well-designed combination mark looks just as good with the elements separate as it does with them together. The famous companies that use these combo marks are Hawaiian Airlines, Adidas and Sprint.
Here Origami paper is used to create attractive graphics. Origami folding is a precise and delicate art form. The word “origami” literally means “paper folding.” In the art of origami the artist would create a single animal or shape from a sheet of paper using precise folds and creases. In origami logos you can see what a good designer can do with just the suggestion of a piece of paper. In logo design it has become a trend to use not only a replica of origami pieces but also the suggestion of origami in letter forms and abstract images.I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

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